Corporate And Municipal Sales

If you are a corporate cleaner, company that purchases your own inventory, or a municipal organization, Fuminix is here to partner with you in your efforts to provide the best possible disinfectant to keep your clients, customers, and employees safe.
Fuminix offers our proprietary cleaning agent for direct sales. With competitive pricing and small packaging, Fuminix will work with you to lower your costs and lower your shipping costs.
We offer multiple sizes, from a few grams to pounds, to meet all your needs.
Our packages will come in either pre-measured amounts for ease of use to mix with water, or in one pound containers with a measuring spoon included.

We will provide a measurement guide for the right amount to create the PPM of HOCL that suits your needs. Whether it is for the office or for a hospital setting, your staff will be well armed with the information required to create the disinfection amount to fit your unique needs.
For our municipalities, we will create RFPs or invoicing that follows the guidelines of your particular city or state.
Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with pricing, and as always we have a discount table for volume.
No matter the size of your order, we promise prompt service and we stand behind our product so you can have confidence in your facility.


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