FUMINIX DISINFECTION SERVICES Every day can bring new risk factors in to your home or business. While you can’t control what
others do, you can control what you do. We promise an easy, safe, and effective disinfecting
service. Using EPA and CDC approved products, Fuminix will deliver a peace of mind without
the worry that comes with being unprepared.
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About Company

Fuminix uses a chemical called Sodium Dichlorosiocyanurate Dihydrate as the base of our disinfectant. We at Fuminix want to create a microbe free environment so that you and your family or customers are safe and secure. Fuminix strives to be fragrance free, allergen free, and we will always provide a 100% clean area. All of our products meet and exceed the guidelines put in place by the CDC and EPA.
Why Fuminix
Fuminix takes the health and safety of customers and employees very seriously. We will be ensuring following hygiene and safety steps :

Before entering your premise, Fuminix technician will:

  • Undergo daily checks
  • Use Hand Sanitizer
  • Wear Shoe Covers, Masks and other Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)

Our Disinfection service will help:

  • Reduce the infection in an enclosed area.
  • Safe and Comfortable environment

What are Disinfecting Services?

Disinfecting services are cleaning procedures that utilize a disinfectant. consistent with the EPA, a disinfectant is an antimicrobial pesticide used on inanimate surfaces and objects to destroy or irreversibly inactivate microorganisms. Disinfectants are distinguished into two categories, hospital type and general use (household).

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Is HOCI ( Hypochlorous acid) Safe ?

You better believe it! Your body actually makes HOCl as part of your immune response when fighting off germs. It is EPA and FDA approved for everything from cleaning around your eyes to spraying on food.

Hypochlorous acid is completely fragrance-free and it is so safe there is no PPE requirement. Well, it smells a little like a swimming pool, but that dissipates quickly. Because fogging/misting/atomizing HOCl kills all the weirdness on surfaces and in the air it leaves your home smelling extra fresh.

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